AML Shipping Discounts Available Now

Need to ship your vessel south for upgrade or repair work? There’s a discount for that! Alaska Marine Lines (AML) has extended an agreement with BBRSDA to offer Bristol Bay fishermen a discount on shipping driftnet boats between Bristol Bay and Seattle for repair or upgrade work. This program can save BBRSDA members approximately $1,300 on the cost of round-trip shipping (discounted rates: $6,636 southbound and $6,780 northbound, not including fuel surcharges or other handling).

In order to qualify for the discount, you must be shipping a gillnet vessel from Dillingham or Naknek on a round-trip basis to Seattle and present a quote or an invoice from the vendor performing work on the vessel. Vessel length must not exceed 34’ in length or 15’ in width.

Contact your local AML office or call 1-800-950-4265 and ask about the Bristol Bay Fishermen’s Boat Repair Program to learn how you can benefit from this discount.

BBRSDA greatly appreciates AML’s service to the Bristol Bay fleet and them taking an active role in fleet development. Thank’s AML!

Other details: Measurements shall be the maximum dimensions including hitches, railings, etc. but not including swim steps and outdrives. Shipper must furnish necessary skids, cradles, chocks, crates or necessary devices to ensure safe handling. When a boat trailer is used, an additional flat charge of $748 will be assessed. Shipper will be responsible for inspecting and approving of the method, materials, and placement of the blocking and cradle devices. Shipper or his agent waives any right to claim for loss or damage that is associated with the blocking devices, cradles, or trailers. In Naknek, at the Port of Bristol Bay, 24 hours free time is allowed for boats or boat cradles. Boats and cradles remaining at the Port of Bristol Bay past the free time will be subject to additional charges as per the Port of Bristol Bay Tariff, charged directly to the boat owner. Boat lift charges in Naknek will be assessed at $443 for boats between 28-32’ in length, and $19 per additional linear foot. Rates include lifting/discharging boats from the water at Carrier’s terminal in Seattle, WA. For all other ports, Shipper must make boat lift arrangements directly with the applicable port authority. Booking must be accompanied with the cash deposit equaling 25% of ocean charges. The remainder of the balance is due at the time of shipment.