The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association’s (BBRSDA) mission is to maximize the value of the Bristol Bay fishery for the benefit of its members. This is largely accomplished by funding projects using monies from a 1% fleet-approved assessment on the value of salmon driftnet landings. If you would like to propose a project for BBRSDA funding, we request that you read and follow the ‘BBRSDA Proposal Instructions’ document located in the link below. This document explains the proposal evaluation process and criteria, and also contains a step-by-step list of directions to ensure your proposal contains information necessary for a complete evaluation by the Board of Directors. Submitting a complete and well-developed proposal greatly enhances the chances of a project getting funded.

Link: BBRSDA Proposal Instructions

Once your proposal has been submitted and accepted by BBRSDA staff, it will be put into a queue for evaluation by the appropriate committee. BBRSDA committees consist of three board members who perform a careful evaluation of each proposal, after which time they will decide to 1) recommend the project for funding, 2) reject the project, 3) table the project for later consideration, or 4) request more information before taking action. All projects which have been recommended for funding will go before the Board of Directors for a vote. If the Boards votes to fund a project, staff will follow up with a project agreement (contract) and the project will begin. In most cases, funding is spread out throughout the project and partners are required to submit a final, written project report which must be accepted by BBRSDA before a final installment is paid.

BBRSDA prefers to process proposals during the fall in coordination with its annual budgeting process. In general, it is most advantageous to have proposals submitted in August or by September 30th at the latest for funding in the following calendar year. However, proposals are accepted at any time of the year and BBRSDA may choose to fund projects outside of its annual cycle if they are time-sensitive. Proposed projects submitted outside of the annual funding cycle are generally subjected to higher scrutiny as funding is typically more limited.

Project proposals are welcomed from permit-holders, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, private companies, research institutions or state and local agencies that are in a position to carry out the project they are proposing. All information contained in a proposal will be kept as confidential.

Please reach out to BBRSDA staff if you have questions about anything related to project proposals.