Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Assoc.

Five Year Strategic Plan: 2018-2023

Core Purpose & Mission

To maximize the value of the Bristol Bay fishery for the benefit of our members.

The BBRSDA works to achieve this mission through strategies focused on marketing, quality and sustainability.  These strategic priorities are inherently connected, and are presented here in no particular order.  Projects that are carried out in each area support efforts of the others.  Only through this multifaceted approach can we enhance the value of the fishery.

Primary Focus

  • Build a regional brand for Bristol Bay

  • Increase fleet-wide adoption of high quality harvesting and handling practices

  • Ensure a sustainable Bristol Bay commercial fishery

  • Maintain a strong and solvent organization

Strategy – Marketing & Promotion


Promote and market Bristol Bay wild salmon in the domestic market.  Explore international markets as the brand matures and/or opportunities arise.


  • Craft and implement a strategic marketing plan to inform future tactical decisions

  • Increased awareness and value of the Bristol Bay brand at consumer, retail and processor level

  • Stimulate increased demand and loyalty for Bristol Bay sockeye

  • Identify and communicate evidence of brand impact and brand strength to retailers, direct marketers, processors and members

  • Collaboration with industry stakeholders, ASMI, retailers and processors to leverage reach and build brand buy-in

  • Protect the integrity of salmon habitat, which is the engine that drives fishery production and is a critical part of the marketability of Bristol Bay salmon

Strategy – Improve Quality & Value


Build the capacity and desire of the fleet to utilize best handling practices and chill 100% of product and at the point of harvest.


  • Promote chilling practices that are effective, practical and consistently produce high quality fish

  • Promote fleet-wide adoption of handling practices that result in high quality salmon at the point of harvest through the point of off-load

  • Collaborate with processing sector to address quality issues throughout the chain of custody

  • Analyze fleet-wide chilling rates to inform future tactics to promote quality

Strategy – Ensure Sustainability


Support sound science to ensure the sustainability of a biologically and economically healthy and productive commercial fishery.


  • Collaborate with management and other stakeholders to address needs that would impact the execution of a viable commercial fishery

  • Promote science-based research that supports the goal of a sustainable fishery

  • Inform our members about issues that affect the fishery

Strategy – Maintain a Strong & Solvent Organization


Continuously work to strengthen our organizational foundation, engage and inform our members and ensure solvency for years to come.


  • Maintain communications between the organization and our members

  • Improve board effectiveness through orientation of new board members and ongoing board training and education

  • Continue to build and strengthen partnerships with industry and regional stakeholders

  • Develop long-term strategies to retain employees and provide for professional development of staff

  • Maintain strong systems for administrative and financial management

  • Maintain a healthy budget reserve

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