In the summer of 2005, a group of Bristol Bay fishermen applied to the State of Alaska to establish a Regional Seafood Development Association, or RSDA. Following a review, the state approved that application and the Bristol Bay RSDA was launched.

BBRSDA is the only fleetwide organization specifically mandated to:

  • advance the quality and market-success of Bristol Bay salmon;
  • address fishery-related infrastructure requirements in the Bristol Bay region; and
  • create research and education programs to ensure long-term success of the world’s largest and most valuable salmon fishery.

We are here for the fleet, by the fleet and we believe in the Bay. By working together – and considering the volume of fish that Bristol Bay permit-holders put in the hold every year – we’re confident that we can make steady gains in quality and increase the relative value of your catch. If you believe that too, we ask for your support.

BBRSDA 2018-2023 Strategic Plan