Upgrade Grants for Commercial Fishers in Bristol Bay

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC) is offering low-cost energy audits and access to a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant for commercial fishing vessels.

  • Commercial fishing vessel owners that fish in Bristol Bay, Kodiak, and the Aleutians are eligible.

  • Alaska residents are preferred but residency in Alaska is not required.

  • You must have an Alaska business license or fishing permit.

  • Through the program, fishing vessel owners receive a low-cost energy audit and support completing the USDA grant application. The energy audit typically costs $500 to $750.

  • The USDA grant reimburses owners for 25% of the cost for upgrades including slush ice to RSW, hold insulation, LED lights, and high performance gensets (not for propulsion). A commercial fisher looking to purchase and professionally install a RSW system for $50,000 would be reimbursed $12,500 by the grant.

  • There is no deadline. But applications for projects $80k and under are reviewed for award on October 31, and another round of awards for all project sizes occurs in April.

  • The USDA grant is competitive. If an application is not awarded, it will be re-entered and considered up to 5 times.

  • Apply as soon as your audit report and application are complete. You must submit your application before you spend money on the upgrade. You cannot be reimbursed for money already spent.

  • To get started, visit http://www.southwestakenergy.org/, email: energy@swamc.org, or call Jamie Hansen at 907-450-2461.