Thank you for taking the time to represent the Bristol Bay fishery. You, the fishermen, are the BEST advocates for our fish. This fishery has amazing stories to tell and we can enhance the value of our fish by sharing our stories with consumers. We are compiling profiles of fishermen to use in our various marketing channels, promotions, and programs.

Request for Visual Content 

A picture is worth a thousand words and we need photos of you to pair with your words. As part of this profile, we ask that you send us 2-10 photos at

A few notes about pictures. Size matters and digital formats are preferred, ideally the image file will be large enough so we can use it on social media, computer screens, or TV screens without it appearing pixelated. What kind of pictures? Images showing you in the Bay are best, but they can also be images of your boat or of you anywhere else. Bristol Bay is part of your story, but having images of you in other settings is just fine too. Ideally, at least one of the images will provide a good picture of your face. Beyond that, any image you have that you think is strong is welcome. We want to introduce you to consumers and tell your story. So, if you have any pictures you’re proud of in your scrapbook, phone, or computer is welcome… and if there’s a story behind that, let us know! That is great stuff! Finally, a word about non-digital photos. Older photos can be very powerful and we would be happy to get these. Bristol Bay has a rich heritage! If you don’t have a digital file of a photo, you have a few options. You can scan it at a high-resolution setting if you have a scanner and email it to us, or you could take it a photo shop and have them make a digital copy. Finally, please remember that most email servers will reject emails if the combined attachments are over 10MB. So, if you are submitting multiple pictures that are large files, you may have to send multiple emails. Just remember to identify who you are, who and what vessel was captured, what district, and if there’s a story behind the picture, go ahead and put in the body of the email.

If you have video content you’d like to submit, that is great too. Please send us an email at and we can send you a link where larger video files can be uploaded.  

Agreement of Consent 

In participating in this profile interview and submitting images or video, you agree to allow the BBRSDA to use such materials for marketing or other operational purposes. If at any time you would like us to stop using materials, please inform us via email at; we will stop using your materials from that point forward and will remove you from our fisherman profile library. However, we will not destroy any previously printed materials and may not be able to delete all online content.

Interview Questions

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