The board welcomes your ideas for strengthening the Bristol Bay fishery and improving the BBRSDA. Email them anytime, at


Mike Friccero, President

F/V Miss Gina
Seat A (Alaska Resident) - Term ends June 2019
Kodiak, Alaska

Committees: President of the board serves as ex-officio member of all committees.

Mike Friccero is a 35-season veteran of the Bristol Bay fishery as well as a halibut longline fisherman. Mike was appointed to the board as an ex-officio member in May 2015, and was elected to Seat A in June 2016.  Mike brings a particular interest in finances and financial stewardship to the board. A retired general contractor and project manager, Mike served for six years as financial officer for the Kodiak Public Broadcasting board and now works – when he’s not fishing – as an administrative consultant to seafood processing companies and other clients.


Lange Solberg, Secretary-Treasurer

F/V Odie II
Seat D (Non-Alaska Resident) – Term ends 2019
Bellingham, Washington

Committees: Finance, PR/Outreach, Sustainability

Lange Solberg was born and raised in Bellingham, WA and graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in International Business. He has worked in commercial marine sales for five years and brings fourteen years of experience fishing in Bristol Bay, complemented by two generations of Norwegian fishing lineage going back to the Bay’s sailboat days.

Lange encourages creative, grassroots thinking within the fleet to help address today’s challenges in marketing our catch as a differentiated, high-quality product. Getting interested and involved – especially amongst the younger generation – is key to a successful organization and viable fishery for decades to come. Get in touch, ask questions, and stay informed!

Tony Wood

Seat G (Open Residency) - Term ends 2019
King Salmon, Alaska

Committees: Quality, Marketing

Tony began commercial fishing in 2003 with the intent to direct market all of his catch. Over the past 12 years he has successfully caught, processed and direct marketed 100% of his fish.  Attention to quality control on the vessel and throughout the processing plant along with marketing strategies has allowed Tony to achieve complete independence from the big processors in Bristol Bay.  Tony looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience to help increase the value of all Bristol Bay Sockeye being sold in both domestic and international markets.



Larry Kenneth Christensen - Vice President

F/V Lyra
Seat F (Open Residency) – Term ends 2020
Freeland, Washington

Committees: Finance; Marketing

Larry Christensen started fishing at age five, and leased his first boat at 13. He fished the Copper River and Prince William Sound for 23 years and shifted his operation to Bristol Bay in 1998. He has a degree in business with an emphasis on accounting and law, and has been extremely active in Alaska fish policy and politics for many years, including eight years as drift representative on the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation.

M Jackson Photo cropped.jpg

Michael Jackson

F/V Kelley J
Seat E (Non-Alaska Resident) – Term ends 2021
Bellingham, Washington

Committees:Marketing, Sustainability,  PR/Outreach

Michael “MJ” Jackson has fished in Bristol Bay for over 30 years. He has spawned two son’s that are also boat and permit owners in Bristol Bay and plans on spending the remainder of his fishing career following them around and setting in front of them whenever possible. His strengths are few and his weaknesses many, but his one saving grace is his commitment to soliciting fleet input in all BBRSDA program proposals as well as transparency in all Board decisions. His goal is to have the BBRSDA achieve its’ full potential in meeting our Mission Statement, “Maximizing the value of the Bristol Bay fishery for the benefit of our members.”

Picture- Tim Cook.jpg

Tim Cook

F/V Dead Red
Seat B (Alaska Resident) - Term ends June 2021
Anchorage, Alaska

Committees: Quality, Finance, PR/Outreach

Fritz Johnson

F/V Jazz
Seat C (Alaska Resident) – Term ends 2020
Dillingham, Alaska

Committees: Quality, Sustainability

Fritz Johnson has fished Bristol Bay for 28 years, and says that he is “as enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead as the day I got into this business.” In addition to his off-season staff work for the Bristol Bay Economic Development Commission, Fritz has worked in both public relations and publishing. He brings a strong commitment to accountability, frugality and transparency to his work on the board.