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2018 Quality Programs for our Fleet

In 2018, we will continue to educate and support our fleet in producing the highest quality product through several key programs.

RSW Discount Program

We are now accepting applications for the RSW Discount Program

The BBRSDA has secured a bulk rate discount on the purchase of 7.5T hydraulic drive, water cooled, RSW units manufactured by Pacific West Refrigeration. Additional product details include:

  • PWR Titanium turbo chiller pack

  • Low vibration compressor and condensing pack, water cooled

  • Pacer SS brine pump 2"

  • Eaton Hydraulic motor and associated pulley drive system for compressor and pumps.

  • BB remote control panel with 40’ power cable including remote high pressure control readout

  • R404A refrigerant charge

Find a full Spec Sheet here

These units will be available at cost for resale to BBRSDA members on a first come first serve basis. Resale price is $20,500 per unit. Payment must be made in full prior to the release of a unit. The BBRSDA cannot provide financing on the purchase of these units.

We have partnered with Seattle Marine to warehouse the RSW units. Currently, we have units available for resale at their Seattle, Washington location and Naknek, Alaska location.  

Download the application below and submit via email to rsw@bbrsda.com or by fax to 907-677-2372. Still have questions? Call 907-677-2371 or email rsw@bbrsda.com

Download: RSW Discount Program Application

FREE RSW Consultations

We are offering free RSW Consultations for BBRSDA members with Marine Refrigeration Solutions. Contact Doug and Mendi for a free consultation on which RSW system and configuration will best suit your vessel and business. Call 360-204-6878 for more information.

2018 Quality Campaign

With a bigger scope and a greater reach, we are continuing outreach to the fleet to produce the highest quality Bristol Bay Sockeye. Find our messaging in this year’s Captn. Jack’s Tide & Current Almanac!

Premium Fish for a Premium Brand

Our brand image, Wild Taste, Amazing Place, is built on the fishing grounds and our brand promise must be supported by a premium product if we are to secure long term customer loyalty.

The ability to drive up the demand for Bristol Bay Sockeye, Alaska's Sockeye Salmon, hinges upon our members' commitment to delivering the highest quality sockeye at every offload. 

Every Bristol Bay fisherman is an ambassador of the Bristol Bay sockeye brand; it is your brand - and catching, handling and delivering in a way that ensures quality, not only elevates the brand but also reflects the pride Bristol Bay fishermen take in participating in this remarkable, sustainable fishery.

So what can you do to improve the quality of your product? Follow these simple steps....

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