The BBRSDA both sponsors and distributes top-notch research reports and publications that benefit all Bristol Bay stakeholders.

Following each of the last several seasons, the BBRSDA has contracted with Northern Economics to survey Bristol Bay processors and compile a comprehensive review of the fishing season. These reports are of interest to fishermen, processors, seafood economists, academics and researchers. Here are the BBRSDA Processor Survey Reports for 2008 through 2013.

The reports cover a range of topics, including:

  • Purchases by Bristol Bay processors from fishermen
  • Chilled fish percentages and methods of chilling among the fleet
  • Rate of growth of chilling from season to season
  • Product form information
  • Graded fish quality information and percentages
  • And many other important metrics concerning the Bristol Bay fishery

2014 Processor Survey

2013 Processor Survey

2012 Processor Survey

2011 Processor Survey

2010 Processor Survey Report

2009 Processor Survey Report

2008 Processor Survey Report