BBRSDA Partners with Processors to Promote the Bristol Bay Brand

BBRSDA is working hard to create a regional brand for Bristol Bay.  These efforts to make Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon a recognized name across the country, could not be done without the support from every level of the supply chain – from fisherman, to processor, to distributor and retailer – each player is critical to ensuring a quality, beautifully branded product reaches consumers.  Our goal is to establish great relationships with the supply chain and ensure that we’re all pulling in the same direction.  A regional brand can work, but we need the support and buy-in of our partners in industry to make it happen.

To that end, BBRSDA has again partnered up with several major processors to provide 200,000 Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon labels for fresh and frozen sockeye salmon going to market this year.  This year’s label features our new branding and a call out to our consumer facing page

BBRSDA would like to extend our appreciation to participating processors – Trident Seafoods, Icicle Seafoods, Leader Creek Fisheries, Peter Pan Seafoods and Alaska General Seafoods for helping support the goal of creating a strong brand for Bristol Bay and for our fishermen.

For fishermen who direct market their catch and are interested in these labels, you can order these and other point of sale assets online at

 In addition to this effort, BBRSDA is also promoting quality and best handling practices to the fleet through our Quality is Catching – Get on Board campaign; as our brand can only succeed if we continue to raise quality in the Bay.  If you’re interested in learning more, please go to our dedicated webpages at