A New Look for Bristol Bay

BBRSDA is pleased to announce that our branding pilot project will launch September 1st in Boulder, Colorado. Our rebranded consumer facing website is now live, so you can see the new, modern look at www.bristolbaysockeye.org.

While the campaign’s primary target is Millennials – a demographic that values things like healthy, sustainable food choices, knowing where their food comes from (think farm to table movement) and believes in supporting foods that are in line with those values – the branding was developed using assets, themes and a look and feel that will appeal to other secondary demographics as well.  The campaign themes of wild taste and amazing place introduce consumers to the national treasure of wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon and tells the story of our salmon and our fishermen.

The marketing team has been busy creating branded point of sale materials including recipe cards, recipe posters, ice signs, printed fish wrap paper and stickers, branded bibs, specialty mugs, launching an online ad campaign, conducting retail training, and working in partnership with Chefs Collaborative to launch Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon as a leading premium seafood brand.

The proof of concept test period will run through the end of the year, with strategic touch points built in to measure retailer participation, effectiveness of training tools, consumer preferences for the branding and, ultimately, will measure sales performance at the retail level. A year-end project report will be prepared along with strategic recommendations for launching this effort nationwide after the new year.

Questions?  You can reach BBRSDA Executive Director, Becky Martello at becky@bbrsda.com.