Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association

Five-Year Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018

Core Purpose

Maximize the value of the Bristol Bay fishery for the benefit of our members.

Primary Focus

  • The economic wellbeing of BBRSDA members

  • A sustainable Bristol Bay commercial fishery

  • The highest quality wild salmon products

Strategy #1 - Improve Quality and Value

Chilling - Build the capacity and desire of the fishery to chill product during harvest.


  • Monitor economic benefits and costs of chilling fish during harvest.
  • Track chilling activities in the Bay.
  • Research, identify and promote chilling practices that are
  • effective and practical.

Handling - Encourage adoption of handling procedures that result in higher quality salmon from the point of harvest through to the point of sale.


  • Research, identify and promote handling practices that are effective and practical.

Strategy #2 – Support Research

Promote research that leads to a better understanding of the science and economics of the Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery in order to improve revenues for fishermen.


  • Improve accuracy of pre-season and in-season forecasts.
  • Investigate potential environmental and economic impacts of commercial fishing on the Bristol Bay region.
  • Investigate potential environmental and economic impacts of non-fishing activities.

Strategy #3 – Conduct Marketing and Promotion

Promote and market the Bristol Bay wild salmon resource in the domestic and global markets.


  • Investigate and develop new strategies with the goal of creating a long-term marketing plan for the region’s seafood products.
  • Collaborate with other marketing programs to increase impact.

Strategy #4 – Maintain Sustainability of the Fishery

Promote activities that assure the continuation of a biologically and economically healthy and productive commercial fishery.


  • Seek the highest level of harvest value consistent with sustainable salmon runs.
  • Whenever practical, work with processors, government managers, and others to jointly develop activities that support the goal of sustainable fishery.
  • Encourage young adults to enter the fishery.
  • Protect habitat needed for diverse and abundant salmon
  • populations.
  • Raise awareness of the sustainable Bristol Bay wild salmon resource.

Strategy #5 – Strengthen the Organization

Continuously work to strengthen BBRSDA’s organizational foundation.


  • Continually strengthen communications between the Association and its members.
  • Improve board effectiveness through ongoing board education and training.
  • Seek external funding to support the activities and aims of the Association
  • Develop and maintain systems for strong administrative and financial management. 


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