BBRSDA 2017 Election Update

2017 Election Results

Fritz Johnson was elected to Seat C - Alaska Resident.  Johnson will serve a 3 year term ending 2020.

Larry Christensen was elected to Seat F - Open Residency.  Christensen will serve a 3 year term ending 2020.

Certified Results from the Inspector of Elections


The 2017 BOD nominations are in. We are pleased to announce both of your incumbents have chosen to run for re-election. Please read their candidate statements below.

Johnson Photo.jpg

Fritz Johnson: Candidate for Seat C - Alaska Resident

F/V Jazz

Dillingham, AK

F. Johnson's Candidate Questionnaire Responses can be viewed here.

"I believe protecting Bristol Bay’s salmon habitat is absolutely critical to sustaining the long-term health of our industry. On our near term horizon, I believe we’re faced with three main challenges:
1. To continue to build demand for Bristol Bay salmon through creative marketing;
2. To guarantee that consumers receive the premium product that our brand promises, so they will buy it again; and,
3. To insure we’re paid a fair price for our work.
The Bay’s rush to harvest presents challenges not faced in slower-paced fisheries. I know we all get tired of being preached at about maximizing fish quality. Yes, we gave up pughs and 2000-pound knotted brailers, and un-chilled boats are finally the minority. But earning the real value of our sockeye, a species that’s been called Alaska’s most undervalued seafood, demands a fishing culture where quality is paramount. The high value product forms of the future are not the canned salmon of yesterday.
In my time on the board I’ve chaired the RSDA’s Quality and Sustainability Committees. It’s work I believe in. To see the RSDA’s marketing materials now poised to appear at an increasing number of seafood counters nationwide, take a look at That art, promoting our “Wild Place, Amazing Taste” campaign, is made available too to our direct marketers, who recognize perhaps better than most the promise of the Bristol Bay brand.  
It’s been an honor helping represent our fleet on the board, and I’d appreciate your vote for re-election to Seat C."

- Fritz Johnson

Larry Christensen - Candidate for Seat F - Open Residency

F/V Lyra

Freeland, WA

L. Christensen's Candidate Questionnaire Responses can be viewed here.

"Greetings all!
It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since I spoke with many of you when I first ran for director seat F. I want to thank everyone of you for your suggestions, comments, support, and vote at that time.
Much has happened in these last three years, not many dull moments. Diving right in, I’ve served on every committee, multiple years on many. Currently I’m serving on the Marketing, Finance, PR/O, and Executive committee (VP, 2 years).
This organization has shifted much of its focus onto marketing. We have assembled a dedicated and talented team that is a privilege to work with. We continue to define and implement our collective visions of greatly increasing the value of our fishery, while maintaining biological, ecological and financial sustainability.  Quality continues to play a major role in supporting our market demands, and will always continue to provide us with challenges for improvements.
“Pebble” is once again looming. The BBRSDA continues to monitor that issue and holds an official position against it. Wrong mine, wrong place! Fish first!
Without going into more detail, you may go to our website and read volumes of what we have done over the last three years. I have been intricately involved with much of it and have enjoyed being a part of this ongoing successful venture. Remember, these are my tax dollars also. I will do my best to continue to invest your hard-earned money wisely.
Good fishing and thank you for your vote! "

- Larry Christensen