The BBRSDA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that effective December 14, 2015, Becky Martello will take over the executive wheelhouse of the BBRSDA. Becky grew up in Bristol Bay and fished her way through college. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the University of Alaska Southeast, where she successfully completed a Graduate Seminar in Marketing. Her graduate work focused on development of a marketing plan for a proposed salmon processing business based in Naknek.

Becky comes to the BBRSDA from the Sitka-based Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, where she has served as Development Director/Assistant Director. Having also worked for the Aleutian-Pribilof CDQ group, she has had good exposure to Alaska’s fisheries and fishermen.

Becky remains tied to Bristol Bay and has always had a strong desire to do something to benefit the fishery she loves, the area she calls home, and the many fishermen and residents she calls friends. Her experience in the professional world exposed her to the policy side of Alaska fisheries and enabled her to work with rural communities from a development standpoint. “Growing up in Bristol Bay, I already knew the importance of commercial fishing on the region, but seeing it from the outside gave me new perspective and showed me that I wanted to eventually be involved in a project that would benefit and enhance the Bristol Bay region and its fisheries.”

Please join the board in welcoming Becky to her new position!