The Seafood Industry in Alaska’s Economy

Drawing on authoritative data from a wide range of sources and presenting it in a clear and precise format, this report by Northern Economics documents the importance of commercial fishing to Alaska’s economy.

The report includes:

  • a historical overview of the growth of Alaska’s seafood industry, with a focus on the development of fisheries for major species and species groups;
  • economic effects of the seafood industry on the state as a whole;
  • a comparison of Alaska’s seafood industry with national and international seafood industries;
  • a “snapshot” of contemporary economic impacts of Alaska’s seafood industry using recent data; and
  • economic effects of two commercial fisheries-related areas of special interest:
  • in-state expenditures for commercial fisheries management and research by both State of Alaska and federal agencies; and
  • the Community Development Quota Program, a federal fisheries program promoting fisheries-related economic development in western Alaska

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