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Bristol Bay Sockeye in Stores

Marketing activities have received the most funding of any program area in recent years. Program timing and execution has been excellent.

Our marketing contractors seek out potential promotional partners from the supply chain. These partners consist of high-caliber retailers and distributors who can introduce the new, branded Bristol Bay sockeye to scores of customers.

Our staff and marketing contractors work with retail teams to verify product origin, coordinate sales messaging, ship in-store marketing assets, train store staff, and deploy digital ads. The retailer will almost always put Bristol Bay sockeye on sale and include the item in a mailer which can reach over a million customers per week. In many cases, BBRSDA will fund in-store demos or a sales contest for the store staff. We also offer social media content. Most promotions last two weeks to a month. Often times chains will continue to keep branded assets in place even after a promotion has ended.

In 2018, the Bristol Bay sockeye brand was featured in over 1,000 stores. In 2019, we’ve already been in over 350! Demand for the Bristol Bay sockeye story is building; consumers now more than ever want to connect with the fleet, the fishery, and the pristine environment that is Bristol Bay. And of course, who doesn’t love high-quality sockeye!?

Direct Marketing Resources

The BBRSDA has been working hard to create visually compelling assets to provide to our direct-marketers, and we’re proud to show you what has been done so far. Here’s a few resources available to Bristol Bay fishermen who direct-market their catch. 

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  • Bristol Bay Media Library: The library houses BBRSDA digital assets including logos, area maps, food photography and fishery photos for use by our direct marketers and retail partners. Direct marketers and retail partners can download assets (free of charge) for use on websites, social media, promotional materials and more.  You can find the media library at the Bristol Bay Sockeye website under Resources.  Or just point your browser to media.bristolbaysockeye.org

  • Video Assets: During the 2017 fishing season we produced several short promotional videos about fishing in Bristol Bay. The videos are available for download from the media library or on our YouTube channel - Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

  • Bristol Bay Sockeye Suppliers Page: We maintain a directory of Bristol Bay Sockeye suppliers at bristolbaysockeye.org/suppliers our through our Fish Finder App. Email info@bbrsda.com to be added to this directory.