The BBRSDA has been working hard to provide point-of-sales materials to direct-marketers, and we’re proud to show you what has been done so far. Here’s a taste of what we make available to Bristol Bay fishermen who direct-market their catch. Visit to order your direct-marketing materials today! 

Click here to see the Bristol Bay Sockeye Suppliers Directory, a collection of fishermen who sell their catch directly to consumers, restaurants, and markets around the country. Email if you would like to be added to the directory. 

We Say “Thank You!” to Chefs Collaborative

Chefs Collaborative is a national network of 13,000 chefs, food professionals, food writers and activists. For several years, the BBRSDA has partnered with them to bring the Savor Bristol Bay dinner series to leading restaurants across America, educating thousands of diners and seafood buyers on the critical importance of the Bristol Bay fishery and the threats that it faces. The BBRSDA’s Elizabeth Herendeen recently appeared at the Chefs Collaborative Summit in Boulder, Colorado, and took along a video to share with them. Said Elizabeth, “There was both laughter and tears in the audience. It was really moving for them to hear directly from fishermen, especially given that Chefs Collaborative has been involved in this issue from the very start.”

Fall 2016 Sockeye Market Analysis Report and Presentation

Each year the BBRSDA contracts with the McDowell Group to prepare this comprehensive overview of the forces impacting our fishery and sockeye markets worldwide.The Fall 2016 Sockeye Market Analysis is now available for our members to download.

Fishermen may also be interested in a PowerPoint presentation that Andy Wink, of the McDowell Group, presented at our November 2016 board meeting. The PDF captures key findings from the larger report in easy-to-read tables and charts, along with other important commentary.

Download: Fall 2016 Sockeye Market Presentation

Download: Fall 2016 Sockeye Market Report


Spring 2016 Sockeye Market Analysis Report

The McDowell Group has completed its Spring 2016 Sockeye Market Analysis, and it is available here for download. A comprehensive look at historical trends, current market conditions and global competition, it contains a wealth of information that our members will find interesting.

Download: Spring 2016 Sockeye Market Report