To our members:

At the BBRSDA, we have made a conscious decision over the years to not become a news-delivery service. With the proliferation of fishing industry and seafood-related news sources available in print and online, as well as the customizable news-feed options available to Internet users, we think the time and energy we would have to devote to do a thorough job of news-screening and delivery are not the best use of your 1%.

Having said that, we do sometimes share articles that might be of particular interest to Bristol Bay fishermen. John Sackton is one of our industry’s most-respected journalists. He recently posted an editorial on that we felt was relevant as we strive to distinguish Bristol Bay salmon as a superior product, an identifiable brand and a resource worth protecting.

John’s full article contains a number of graphs and charts, so we provide some introductory paragraphs here, and the full PDF below.

Why seafood branding matters – by John Sackton – July 25th, 2013

A number of Alaskan companies are considering what steps they should take to defend their brand in the face of active opposition to sales of Alaskan products that are not ‘approved’ by NGO’s.

This has come about because of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s attempt to tell its partners, including Walmart, not to buy Alaskan products.

The reasons have nothing to do with sustainability, and everything to do with maintaining the role of the SFP as a gatekeeper or arbiter of which seafood products should be purchased and which should not.

The actions of organizations like SFP and the MSC are direct threats to the brands established by the major seafood producing regions.

PDF:  John Sackton-Why seafood branding matters