The BBRSDA is tasked with increasing the value of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon, and has contracted with McDowell Group, Inc. to produce bi-annual sockeye market reports for Bristol Bay fishermen, fishery managers, processors, supply chain participants and other fishery stakeholders.


Sockeye Market 2014 – Bristol Bay RSDA Report by McDowell Group from Talking Fishon Vimeo.

Here is the state of play in the global sockeye market as we head into the 2014 season. This video captures current supply and demand dynamics in key markets and shows how demand for various product forms of Bristol Bay fish ebb and flow both geographically and demographically. It also examines current competition from farmed salmon suppliers and the uncertain outlook for Bristol Bay sockeye markets in light of a potentially huge push of Fraser River fish.

Funded by the drift fishermen of Bristol Bay and developed by the BBRSDA in partnership with the McDowell Group, this video supplements the McDowell Group’s written report and is a must-see for Bristol Bay permit-holders.

The Spring 2014 report – funded entirely by Bristol Bay’s salmon driftnet fleet – provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • the 2014 season outlook;
  • competition in the global salmon market;
  • current sockeye market conditions;
  • market implications for Bristol Bay fishermen; and
  • feedback from salmon buyers.

This report captures the current moment in an ever-evolving fishery and a complex global marketplace. Perhaps the clearest takeaway from the report is the need for us all to continue improving the overall quality of the Bristol Bay pack, especially considering the increasing market share from Russia and continued pressure from farmed salmon.

While noting the remarkable progress made by Bristol Bay fishermen in recent years, the report supports and reinforces our longstanding #1 strategic priority: improving the quality and value of Bristol Bay salmon.

We recommend this report to everyone involved in the Bristol Bay salmon industry. Please download the PDF below.