Senate Bill to remove Clean Water Act authority to protect Bristol Bay gains momentum with Senator Murkowski’s support; impact on Bristol Bay salmon markets unclear

Advisory to the Fleet

From: Sue Aspelund, Executive Director

Recently, Senators David Vitter (LA) and Joe Manchin (VA) introduced Senate Bill 2156, the “Regulatory Fairness Act,” which would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from finishing its current Clean Water Act process to protect Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine.

The BBRSDA released a statement on this legislation last week, expressing disappointment that senators from West Virginia and Louisiana would pursue an action that imperils Alaskan jobs, the Bristol Bay salmon resource, and our hard-earned position in salmon markets.

Today, SB 2156 found a co-sponsor closer to home. Senator Lisa Murkowski gave no warning to Alaskans or Bristol Bay fishermen that she would co-sponsor this legislation to gut EPA’s clear authority to protect Bristol Bay.

If you share our concern with this development, please consider giving Senator Murkowski a call. Remind her that the EPA was invited to Bristol Bay by local tribes, Alaskans, and commercial fishermen who for years have lived under a threat of large-scale mining development that clearly imperils our fishery and our global market reputation.

We have said many times that the fishermen of Bristol Bay are not anti-mining; we are pro-jobs, pro-salmon and pro-salmon marketing. The EPA has just begun a process to protect our Bay from harmful mining development, and that process should continue.

We hope Senator Murkowski reconsiders her support for this misguided legislation. If you share our hope, please take a few minutes to let her know.

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