We have mailed a postcard survey to members regarding next steps on a potential buyback process, but first, here is a quick recap of steps taken to date:

  • Fall 2013: Members surveyed and asked if the BBRSDA should contract for a study to learn more about potential buyback of drift permits. 81% responded in the affirmative.
  • Fall 2014: The report by Northern Economics, Inc. was released and made available to our members. It provides objective economic information about the Bristol Bay salmon drift gillnet fishery, as well as projecting how different buyback scenarios and associated payback schedules might impact gross and net revenues. Download the report: October 2014 Bristol Bay Buyback Economic Report
  • Fall 2014: BBRSDA organized a Pacific Marine Expo panel conference and member meeting to disseminate findings of the report and hear from fishermen. At the meeting, a show of hands demonstrated that two-thirds of Bristol Bay drift permit holders present supported some type of fleet consolidation. As was noted at that time, the Northern Economics report did not address the socioeconomic information necessary to fully evaluate the potential outcomes and impacts of a buyback program in the Bristol Bay drift fishery. A second study would be required to obtain that information.

All BBRSDA members, please complete the postcard survey and mail it back at your earliest opportunity!