Premium Fish for a Premium Brand

Our brand image, Wild Taste, Amazing Place, is built on the fishing grounds and our brand promise must be supported by a premium product if we are to secure long term customer loyalty.

The ability to drive up the demand for Bristol Bay Sockeye, Alaska's Sockeye Salmon, hinges upon our members' commitment to delivering the highest quality sockeye at every offload. 

Every Bristol Bay fisherman is an ambassador of the Bristol Bay sockeye brand; it is your brand - and catching, handling and delivering in a way that ensures quality, not only elevates the brand but also reflects the pride Bristol Bay fishermen take in participating in this remarkable, sustainable fishery.

So what can you do to improve the quality of your product? Follow these simple steps....

BBSS_QualityInfographic_Final No Bleeds_Page_2.jpg

Quality for EVERY gear Type

A Bristol Bay sockeye, is a Bristol Bay sockeye and both gillnetters and setnetters alike are having their product scrutinized by consumers.

Many thanks to Catie Bursch for putting together this video detailing the quality practices she employs in her Bristol Bay setnet business.

Keep up the good work!