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2019 Ice Barges

The BBRSDA is providing support funding for the ice barges Bristol Lady, operated by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, and Bristol Maid, operated by Trident Seafoods, during the 2019 season.

Ice is available to all vessels!

NEW 2019 Ice Distribution RFP


For the past two years we supported valuable ice infrastructure projects in Bristol Bay. In 2019, the BBRSDA is looking to partner with entities that already have the capacity and ability to deliver ice on the grounds.

Towards the goal of increasing ice delivery to the grounds and under-served areas for the purpose of increasing quality, BBRSDA is offering the following program:

BBRSDA will reimburse a specific dollar amount per ton on ice delivered on the fishing grounds to the Bristol Bay fishing fleet during the 2019 fishing season.

This program is offered to all fish processors, entities, and organizations in Bristol Bay and is not limited to those who received this solicitation directly from the BBRSDA. Those seeking priority consideration should reply prior to the first review date of May 1, 2019.

Find the full Proposal here: FY19 Ice Distribution in Bristol Bay

Contact Cameo at cameo@bbrsda.com or call 907-677-2371 if you have any questions.

2019 Ice Infrastructure RFP

Funded Projects:

  • City of Pilot Point - Support funding to complete the ice machine and ice conveyor belt install at the Alaska Packers Cannery in Pilot Point, AK - Serving Ugashik district

  • Big Creek Fisheries - Support funding to rebuild an ice machine and purchase new insulated ice totes - Serving Egegik and Ugashik districts

  • E&E Seafoods - Funding to purchase new insulated totes - Serving Egegik, Ugashik, and Nushagak districts

Still OPEN for Proposals

Ice is critical in the Bay and we are committed to ensuring more ice gets to the fleet when you need it.

In 2018, we supported several ice infrastructure projects with Bristol Bay processors that resulted in an additional 5 million pounds of chilled fish. That means more chilling bonuses paid directly to the fleet and an increase in the value of the pack overall.

We are continuing this program in 2019. The BBRSDA board has committed $112,500 to support ice infrastructure projects for the upcoming season. This program will provide up to a 100% reimbursement to Bristol Bay processors, entities, or organization on the purchase of new ice making or distribution equipment or towards the cost of refurbishing previously acquired equipment. Equipment categories include, but are not limited to: ice making machines on docks, ice making machines on tenders, insulated totes that will be dedicated to moving ice to the fishing grounds, and equipment utilized to pump slush ice or chilled sea water from tenders to fishing vessels. Applicants may make proposals in any and all categories and their proposals should address the ability to achieve program goals, cost effectiveness and timeliness in order to be considered.

Find the full Request for Proposal here: BBRSDA 2019 Ice Infrastructure RFP

contact Cameo at cameo@bbrsda.com or call 907-677-2371 if you have any questions.

2019 Insulated Ice Bag Program


Project Partners:

  • Ocean Beauty Seafoods

  • Leader Creek Fisheries

  • Icicle Seafoods

    We are aware that tenders servicing far flung districts find it challenging to deliver quality ice to the fleet by the time they reach the fishing grounds. For those tenders that do not have the space to hold plastic insulated totes, there are limited options for transporting quality ice to the fleet.

 In 2014, our organization worked with Seattle Tarp to create an insulated ice bag designed for this purpose. We’ve utilized the feedback we received on that project and worked with Seattle Tarp to produce an upgraded insulated ice bag for the 2019 season.

The BBRSDA has set aside funds in 2019 to reimburse processors on the purchase of collapsible insulated ice bags. The insulated bags are equipped with R-20 insulation, drain holes, an integrated lid, lifting straps, and dump straps. The goal of this program is to increase chilling at the point of harvest by offering an alternative method for transporting ice to the fishing grounds.

To date, we are pleased to say we are working with 3 separate partners and will be funding 70 insulated ice bags for the 2019 season. Look for them on the grounds!

If you have interest in participating in this program or have questions, please contact Cameo at cameo@bbrsda.com or by calling 907-677-2371.