The BBRSDA has been working hard to bring point-of-sales displays to direct-marketers and grocery stores across the country, and we’re proud to show you what has been done so far. Here’s a taste of what we currently have available for Bristol Bay fishermen who direct-market their catch.  Just email to discuss your needs.



Big, colorful, inviting; this poster has everything. It also includes a QR code for mobile phones.




Stickers aren’t just for 4 year olds! The large stickers will fit nicely on a freezer door or wherever, and the stickers rolls will be useful for labeling product.

Recipe Cards


Recipe cards show shoppers how close they are to a delicious meal. They’ll also hold onto them and encourage future purchases.

Ice Spears

For use in display cases, these will help the sockeye stand out.

Sample Display

This was found in the freezer section of New Season’s Market in Vancouver, WA. The combination of all the point-of-sale materials will be used in many different and unique ways by each retailer, and this is just a single example of how they chose to use it. We will constantly be working with retailers and direct marketers to improve the quality and the breadth of our POS materials.

In the Wild

We have a growing list of retailers, distributors, and direct marketers we’re working with to help spread the word about Bristol Bay Salmon. If you’re a direct marketer, and let her know what you’d like.

Image via Emma Frisch.

New York food blogger Emma Frisch likes the look of those salmon cakes!