BBRSDA 2019 Election Update


In the end, this year's election resulted in more representation for BBRSDA members and prompted more discussion about what members want from the RSDA than ever before. This will only serve to make the organization better moving forward. 

Votes for open 2019 BBRSDA Board Seats have been cast, counted, and certified. We had three of seven seats up for election this year. The newly elected Board members will be seated at the June 8th meeting in Dillingham and serve a 3-year term ending in 2022. Here are the results: 

Seat A: Winner - Reba Temple (276 votes) vs. Kiril Basargin (102)
Seat D: Winner - Patrick O'Neill (306)
Seat G: Winner - Hans Rodvik (153)
Ex-Officio Board Member Appointee: Nels Ure

There were 202 write-in votes cast for Nels Ure for Seat G. However, after a great deal of research and consideration, the Board concluded that write-in votes could not be counted. This decision was very difficult and was only reached after consulting the opinion of several expert sources. Your BBRSDA Board and Staff members strive to work in the collective interests of its members at all times, but it was simply impossible to accept write-in votes without exposing the organization to potential legal action. They are not provided for in our bylaws, do not fit within our candidate nomination structure, and are not provided for in our ballot materials. Frankly, the write-in issue has never arisen and once the election process was started the rules could not be changed mid-stream. We realize this outcome is upsetting for those members who submitted a write-in vote for Mr. Ure. However, it should be noted that Mr. Rodvik followed all the proper election requirements. Needless to say, the BBRSDA Board Election process will be thoroughly reviewed before next year and the current Board members plan on adding the option to submit write-in votes in future elections.

Even though Mr. Ure was not elected to Seat G, he can be seated on the Board as an Ex-Officio Board Member and he has accepted an Ex-Officio appointment for a term of one-year. While Ex-Officio Board Members do not currently have the ability to cast votes on board matters, the Board rarely experiences situations where votes are near a split decision.

Thank you to all our members who voted. Your participation and commitment to a strong and effective BBRSDA is greatly appreciated.

Certified Results from the Inspector of Elections (click for results).

The member-elected volunteer board provides financial and policy guidance for the Association and oversees management of the BBRSDA.  The election process is conducted under the terms of the Association’s bylaws and is independently monitored by the accounting firm, Thomas, Head & Greisen, Inc.  The Association’s bylaws are posted at