BBRSDA 2018 Election Update

2018 Election Results

Tim Cook was elected to Seat B - Alaska Resident.  Cook will serve a 3 year term ending 2021.

Michael Jackson was elected to Seat E - Non-Alaska Resident.  Jackson will serve a 3 year term ending 2021.

New board members will be seated at the June meeting in Naknek. 

Certified Results from the Inspector of Elections


The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA) has received 6 nominations for the 2018 BOD Elections. Final ballots will be mailed to S03T permit holders on March 16th, 2018. Completed ballots must be postmarked by April 6th, 2018 and received by April 13, 2018 to be counted!

M Jackson Photo cropped.jpg

Michael Jackson "MJ"

F/V Kelley J

Seat E – Non-Alaska Resident

Find MJ's Candidate Questionnaire responses here

I started attending BBRSDA meetings as a critic, doubting it's worth. From there, through many meetings, I've learned how invaluable it can be if given proper direction from the board.  My experience  as a BBRSDA  Committee member has proven my skill sets are radically different than Gibbons.  I bring to the Board a proven history of member outreach, a collaborative approach to meetings, and most importantly, an open mind.  From my experience hosting the BBRSDA Town Halls, it is obvious our fleet has great idea’s -  they just need a strong voice to bring them to the table.
One such great idea involves Quality.  There is a much better option than the current “bulk purchase” program.
RSW Rebate: I strongly support a fleet wide RSDA Rebate available to ANY fisherman installing ANY major chilling equipment or upgrades on their boat. If the goal is to chill as many fish as possible as soon as possible, then this is the program that would do it. 
  • Any model, any brand of RSW unit (Current bulk purchase plan offers only ONE model, ONE Brand)
  • Includes hold insulation/refit projects.  Allows for icing fish, not just RSW.
  • Negligible Start-up cost’s
  • No product liabilities
Sustainability: Develop partnerships with other organizations (BBEDC, BBFA, BBNC) to amplify our voices and finances in our relentless effort of Putting Fish First and keeping Pebble Mine out of Bristol Bay.
Marketing: Maintain Maximum funding for Maximum effect.  This is why we have the RSDA! 
Thank-you for your time and support.

B. Gibbons photo.png

Warren "Buck" Gibbons

F/V West Point

Seat E – Non-Alaska Resident

Find Buck's Candidate Questionnaire responses here

We have come a long way in three years. From the frustration of .50 per pound, there’s been an explosion of interest in domestic retail and food service for our sockeye resource.  Practically every retailer has a fresh or frozen sockeye offering, which has lowered our dependence on export markets that always found a way to leverage us.  Of equal importance is the shuttering of many canning lines in Bristol Bay.  There is basically more margin in H&G and fillets.
Given an ever-growing movement to meet this new product demand, elevation of our quality must go hand in hand. With chilling mandates on the horizon, my primary focus has been to influence the RSDA to develop programs that help those who are not chilling at the point of harvest.  RSW discount programs, tax credits (a personal initiative), RSW consultations, media campaigns, all of which did not exist three years ago, are currently being implemented. An RSW apprentice program that could provide more technical help, the potential of automating the onboard bleeding process, and curriculums to educate our crew to assume more overall responsibility, are next steps for me. 
With serious RSDA resources dedicated to marketing (the easy part), I look to the development of tools allowing us to measure our return on those marketing dollars (the hard part). 
Helping guide this well-funded, strong organization has been an honor for me.  Our strength is in our collective capacity.  I am proud to be associated with it, and with all of you.


Abe Williams

F/V Crimson Fury

Seat B – Alaska Resident

Find Abe's Candidate Questionnaire responses here

Born and raised in Bristol Bay, as a fourth generation commercial fisherman I have spent 34 summers fishing the waters of Bristol Bay, served six years as co-chair on Naknek-Kvichak Advisory Committee, three years on the Bristol Bay Borough Assembly, Six years on the Bristol Bay Borough School Board and twelve years as the president of the Paug-Vik Native Corporation.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve as a director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association for the past three years, thanks to the support of members like yourself. Looking back I can say we have accomplished great strides developing the Bristol Bay Sockeye Brand and actively promoted both, Bristol Bay Sockeye and each of the hard working fishermen and women who work tirelessly to bring this harvest to people around the world. To assure the largest sockeye harvest in the world is second to none we continue to address quality standards to ensure our members benefit from improved harvesting practices and incentives.          

Given the opportunity to serve an additional term I will work to address the challenges regarding processing capacity (AKA limits) in Bristol Bay, the funding of marketing, quality initiatives, and research to address the optimum numbers of the Bristol Bay Fleet.

Please reach out to me with any questions or suggestions. 


Abe Williams


Bronson Brito

F/V Sea Breeze

Seat B – Alaska Resident

Find Bronson's Candidate Questionnaire responses here

My name is Bronson Brito, I am a third generation Bristol Bay commercial fisherman and captain of the F/V Sea Breeze. I have been fishing full salmon seasons for 16 years aboard our family's drift vessels and have been captaining my own boat for 14 seasons. As a welder and fabricator in addition to a commercial fisherman I specialize in improvements related to boosting efficiency and chilling. I am driven by the desire to improve the quality of our catch on a fleet-wide basis after seeing the effects of RSW, proper handling and bleeding first hand on my own boat. I am an advocate for education of the fleet being at the ground level of the work the BBRSDA does for our fishery and support the BBRSDA's funding of fisheries science that allows our managers to utilize the best research and in-season data  when it comes to maximizes opportunity and protecting our vast sustainable resource. I am an active participant in the Board of Fisheries process, at the Advisory Committee and state level. I enjoy encouraging others to improve their own operations providing realistic ideas to do so and look forward to the opportunity of adding an additional local Bristol Bay voice to the BBRSDA if elected. 
Bronson A. Brito

Picture- Tim Cook.jpg

Tim Cook

F/V Dead Red

Seat B – Alaska Resident

Find Tim's Candidate Questionnaire responses here

My name is Tim Cook, I am running for the Alaska Seat on the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. The person currently holding the seat has financial interests that run counter to the long term health of Bristol Bay. He has a firm that has been paid to advocate on behalf of Pebble Mine, and he has written editorials for Newspapers throughout the country in favor of Pebble development. That is not the person I want on the Board!
But I am not just running against Abe Williams, I am running for fisherman. BBRSDA can do so much to improve the fishery, but is has to work smart, and work efficiently. After all it is our money that they are spending. 
  1. Protect the resource, because if there is no resource, then there are no fishermen;
  2. Develop better relationships with processors. BBRSDA should have strong relationships with processors to foster a better grounds price for Sockeyes.
  3. Effectively market Bristol Bay Sockeyes as "the finest" salmon in the world.
  4. Defend our Sockeyes from unscrupulous marketers selling mislabeled illegal counterfeit fish and claiming they are Red salmon; and
  5. Look to the future by enabling young people to come into this fishery
I was involved in fish politics back in the go-go 90's, when the Bay was coming off $2.40 per pound salmon, permits were $250k, and the sky was the limit. Then I fished through 40 cents per pound reds, and cried the blues, trying to make the boat payment.
Now we feel lucky to get a buck and change for bounced, floated, bled, and chilled fish. Perhaps we will never have the boom we did back then, but Bristol Bay produces the best salmon in the world! We need to let the world know how great these fish are, and we need get paid fairly for them.
There is no magic solution. However, if I am elected, I guarantee the BBRSDA will represent you- the Bristol Bay Drift Fisherman.
If you want to chat, or need more information, please call or text me at 907-727-5293,
Tim Cook

The member-elected volunteer board provides financial and policy guidance for the Association and oversees management of the BBRSDA.  The election process is conducted under the terms of the Association’s bylaws and is independently monitored by the accounting firm, Thomas, Head & Greisen, Inc.  The Association’s bylaws are posted at