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Nomination Postmark Deadline: February 5, 2013

Voting Postmark Deadline: April 5, 2013

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association is calling for nominations from Bristol Bay driftnet (S03T) permit holders to fill three expiring seats on its board of directors.

The member-elected volunteer board provides financial and policy guidance for the Association and oversees management of the BBRSDA.  The election process is conducted under the terms of the Association’s bylaws and is independently monitored by the accounting firm; Thomas, Head & Greisen, Inc.

Board Seats: Three board seats are expiring in 2013; each seat has a three year term. Nominees must run for a specific seat. This call for nominations pertains to the following seats:

  • Seat A – Alaska resident(Incumbent – Robert Heyano)
  • Seat D – Non-Alaska resident(Incumbent – Matt Luck)
  • Seat G – At large(Incumbent – Matt Marinkovich)

The full board consists of seven seats reserved for permit holders in participating gear groups, currently limited to driftnet permit holders (S03T). These seven seats are allocated according to residency; three seats for Alaska residents, two seats for non-residents and two at-large seats.

Call For Nominations: With this notice, the board is soliciting nominations for election to the board. Qualified permit holders may nominate themselves or be nominated by fellow permit holders. Eligible nominees are S03T interim-use and limited entry permit holders as of December 15, 2012 as determined by the Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.

Nomination Materials: The following materials must be submitted by mail (postmarked by February 5, 2013) and, if possible, by email as a Word document with “BBRSDA Nomination” in the subject line.

1. Candidate statement – Identify the seat being sought and a 350 word-maximum campaign statement

2. Contact information – Candidate name, address, phone, email and vessel name

3. Candidate photo – Not required in mailed packet if sent by email.

4. Petition of support – Signed by at least ten (10) S03T permit holders with their S03T permit numbers. Signatures collected by fax are acceptable.

Nominees, candidate statements, photos and contact information will appear on mailed ballots and on the BBRSDA website. Incomplete nominations cannot be accepted. If a seat receives no nominations, the board will nominate at least one qualified permit holder for that seat.

A complete set of nomination materials (less the photo if it was emailed) must be mailed and postmarked by February 5, 2013, to:

Bristol Bay RSDA

1120 Huffman Road, Box 208

Anchorage, Alaska 99515

Please also email the campaign materials (statement, photo and contact information) to

A short questionnaire will be emailed to each candidate in early February – to be returned to the BBRSDA within two weeks. That questionnaire is intended to supplement candidate statements and give candidates an opportunity to express their thoughts on issues of interest to BBRSDA members. Responses will be posted on the website and included in the ballot mailing.

Voting Procedures: Approximately mid-March 2013, ballots, candidate statements and questionnaire responses will be mailed to each eligible permit holder as determined by the AK-CFEC list of S03T interim-use and limited entry permits as of December 15, 2012. Any member (S03T permit holder) may vote for any candidate. Owners of multiple permits may vote each permit. Voting must be done by mail using the supplied ballots and envelopes.

The postmark deadline for returning the ballots is April 5, 2013. An independent accounting firm receives and counts the ballots. Final election results will be available by April 19, 2013. Election results will be posted on the BB-RSDA website at

Please refer to BBRSDA bylaws and relevant Alaska state law for additional information – or contact the BBRSDA at 907-770-6339, or by email at