June 8, 2015

At its meeting on Saturday the 6th in Dillingham, the board elected Buck Gibbons to be the BBRSDA’s new president, Lange Solberg as the organization’s new secretary-treasurer, and Larry Christensen to continue in his role as vice-president.

Completing their terms of office, both Katherine Carscallen and Mike LaRussa were on hand to turn over their seats to new (and returning) members Abe Williams and Buck Gibbons, respectively.

On behalf of the entire board and the fleet, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Katherine and Mike. Katherine has been a board member since 2012, and served as the organization’s Sustainability Director. Mike served on the board since the spring of 2007. Over those years his work ethic, even temper and dedication to the fishery has been an inspiration to all of us. If you see Mike and Katherine in the boatyard this season, please extend your thanks to them as well — and maybe give them just a little more room if you see them on the grounds!