Four Bristol Bay fishermen have put themselves forward as candidates in our current election cycle.

In the Seat B (Alaska Resident) election, the candidates are Alexander Smith and Abe Williams. In the Seat E (Non-Alaska Resident) election, Buck Gibbons and David Harsila are the candidates. On behalf of the entire drift fleet, we thank the nominees for their commitment to the fishery and willingness to serve!

Please read through the PDFs below. These include each candidate’s introductory Candidate Statement – including photographs, vessel names, and an overview of their candidacy – along with their answers to our five-part Candidate Questionnaire:

1. Why do you want to be a BBRSDA board member?

2. What do you think is the most important mission for the BBRSDA and why?

3. In your view, what are the three priorities the BBRSDA should focus on (within legal limits) and why?

4. The BBRSDA’s Strategic Plan lists specific strategies for maximizing the value of the Bristol bay salmon fishery. Do you believe those strategies are an effective guide for accomplishing that goal, and if not, how should they be modified?

5. Is there another issue that you would like to raise and respond to?

As a Bristol Bay drift permit holder you support the work of the BBRSDA through the 1% assessment. Our all-volunteer board oversees the activities of the association, so we sincerely encourage you to learn about these candidates and their positions, then complete and return your ballot when you receive it in the mail the week of March 16th.

Thank you!

Seat B – Smith candidate statement-question responses

Seat B – Williams campaign statement-question responses

Seat E – Gibbons candidate statement-question responses

Seat E – Harsila candidate statement-question responses