DILLINGHAM – April 30, 2014 – Katherine Carscallen, Sustainability Director for the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, issued the following statement today after the Pebble Limited Partnership’s release of information regarding the EPA’s initiation of the section 404(c) process under the Clean Water Act.

Full statement:

“The Pebble Limited Partnership is not releasing anything new or unexpected in its document dump to the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA’s science is sound, and nothing in PLP’s statements give any indication that North America’s largest open pit mine could be constructed in Bristol Bay without damaging the worlds most productive sockeye salmon waters.

“Pebble continually and deliberately fails to mention that EPA’s involvement in Bristol Bay came at the request of the people of Alaska and the fishermen of Bristol Bay. Taking action under the Clean Water Act is the next step in order for EPA to complete their job and protect ours. We know enough about PLP’s plans – from its own documents – to conclude beyond doubt that development of a mine like Pebble would result in unacceptable adverse effects on the Bristol Bay watershed. These effects could mean the loss of a $1.5 billion commercial fishery and 14,000 jobs supported by Bristol Bay. This is indeed unacceptable for thousands of fishermen across the country.

“The Alaskan fishery manager-biologists who oversee the Bristol Bay fishery have relied on sound science to manage this sustainable fishery for over a century. We urge the EPA to continue to use sound science in their work, and ensure this fishery remains sustainable for centuries to come.”