One of the primary activities of the BBRSDA is funding (actually co-funding, in most cases) projects designed to strengthen our fishery. Across a broad range of disciplines – economic research, quality-improvement, fisheries science and marketing, among others – these cost-share programs are where most of our members’ annual 1% assessment goes. Every year, our grant-making process attracts dozens of submissions for funding, and the board generally approves 15 to 18.

BBRSDA’s participation in approved projects – as well as the responsibilities of funded entities – are defined in contracts with the grantees  (ADFG, research institutions, fishermen, service providers, municipalities, etc.)

Periodically, we update a Project Report that provides essential details of the projects that are underway.

BBRSDA Approved Projects 2015

BBRSDA Approved Projects 2014

BBRSDA Project Report Fall 2013

BBRSDA 2012 Project Report, October 10, 2012

BBRSDA 2011 Project Report, November 12, 2011