In February, the BBRSDA provided formal public comment to the Food & Drug Administration concerning the AquAdvantage® salmon, better known as Frankenfish. We joined with hundreds of other organizations and added your voice to the national debate over genetically engineered salmon. After all, it is fishermen who are most likely to be adversely affected by Frankenfish farming.

Here are some excerpts:

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Develoment Association represent more than 1,600 small businesses that comprise the Bristol Bay, Alaska commercial salmon driftnet fleet; proud men and women who are stewards of the largest, most vaulable salmon run on the planet. Our commercial fishery has thrived under sustainable management practices for over 130 years, and every one of our members pays federal income taxes.

We strongly oppose the approval of AquaBounty’s genetically engineered, AquAdvantage® salmon.

We believe that genetically engineered fish pose serious risks to wild populations and that those risks completely dwarf any alleged benefits that may accrue to consumers through approval of the so-called “Frankenfish.”

It is not too late to prevent this mistake from occurring. Bristol Bay’s thriving fishing industry and our members call on the FDA to deny approval to the Frankenfish. Should FDA decide to approve the AquAdvantage GE salmon despite our opposition, clear, mandatory labeling must be required so that consumers may identify and avoid GE salmon.

To read the entire letter, please download below.

 Frankenfish Public Comment