The board of the BBRSDA recently carried out a comprehensive review of its 5-Year Strategic Plan, and is welcoming comments and suggestions from members on how to refine or improve the plan.

As board member Matt Marinkovich put it in our recent newsletter, a strategic plan “is like a well-laid keel for a boat, keeping the vessel on track in spite of occasional course adjustments or short-term issues that arise from time to time.”

The board will formally adopt the new 5-Year Plan in January. Until then, we welcome input from members.

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association

Draft Five-Year Strategic Plan, 2013-2018

Core Purpose

Maximize the value of the Bristol Bay fishery for the benefit of our members.

Primary Focus

  • The economic wellbeing of BBRSDA members
  • A sustainable Bristol Bay commercial fishery
  • The highest quality wild salmon products

Strategy #1 – Improve Quality and Value


Build the capacity and desire of the fishery to chill product during harvest.


  • Monitor economic benefits and costs of chilling fish during harvest.
  • Track chilling activities in the Bay.
  • Research, identify and promote chilling practices that are effective and practical.


Encourage adoption of handling procedures that result in higher quality salmon from the point of harvest through to the point of sale.


  • Research, identify and promote handling practices that are effective and practical.

Strategy #2 – Support Research

Promote research that leads to a better understanding of the science and economics of the Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery in order to improve revenues for fishermen.


  • Improve accuracy of pre-season and in-season forecasts.
  • Investigate potential environmental and economic impacts of commercial fishing on the Bristol Bay region.
  • Investigate potential environmental and economic impacts of non-fishing activities.

Strategy #3 – Conduct Marketing and Promotion

Promote and market the Bristol Bay wild salmon resource in the domestic and global markets.


  • Investigate and develop new strategies with the goal of creating a long-term marketing plan for the region’s seafood products.
  • Collaborate with other marketing programs to increase impact.

Strategy #4 – Maintain Sustainability of the Fishery

Promote activities that assure the continuation of a biologically and economically healthy and productive commercial fishery.


  • Seek the highest level of harvest value consistent with sustainable salmon runs.
  • Whenever practical, work with processors, government managers, and others to jointly develop activities that support the goal of sustainable fishery.
  • Encourage young adults to enter the fishery.
  • Protect habitat needed for diverse and abundant salmon populations.
  • Raise awareness of the sustainable Bristol Bay wild salmon resource.

Strategy #5 – Strengthen the Organization

Continuously work to strengthen BBRSDA’s organizational foundation.


  • Continually strengthen communications between the Association and its members.
  • Improve board effectiveness through ongoing board education and training.
  • Seek external funding to support the activities and aims of the Association
  • Develop and maintain systems for strong administrative and financial management.