The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit will be held in Anchorage, December 10-12.  Created by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, the summit provides information and opportunities for fishermen under 40 and/or in the business for less than five years.

What do participants get out of attending?

  • a chance to meet, socialize with, and talk about issues with other young fishermen from around the state, as well as well-known fishing industry leaders;
  • three days of training in the land-based aspects of running a fishing operation: marketing, business management, the fisheries regulatory process, and the science impacting fisheries management;
  • a visit to the Anchorage office of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, where participants will talk with fisheries managers and meet researchers using cutting-edge genetic science to better understand Alaska salmon runs and other important stocks.

Participants practice public speaking, learn Alaska Board of Fisheries and North Pacific Management Council processes, and collaborate on solutions to issues and topics of importance to the Alaska fishing industry.

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