The BBRSDA has received 26 Project submissions for its 2014 funding cycle, in addition to 13 Concept submissions. As described elsewhere on this site and in our newsletters and Bristol Bay WaypointsProject submissions are received from persons or entities who propose to carry out their proposals themselves (and/or in partnership with other parties). Concepts are submitted by persons or entities who are not themselves in a position to carry out the work.

At their next meeting on January 10-11, the board will discuss and evaluate all the submissions on these “long lists,” then select those that will be moved to a short list and expanded upon further in consultation with the proposers. At a subsequent meeting in February, the board will review the expanded proposals and make decisions regarding funding.

All submissions are provided below for BBRSDA members and other fishery stakeholders who are interested in reviewing them.

Please note: Some people have experienced problems downloading these files, but they work fine for others. We are trouble-shooting that issue at this time. If you are unable to download either of these files, try restarting your computer and attempt again. If that doesn’t work, please email us at and we will send them to you directly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Proposed Projects (pdf)

Proposed Concepts (pdf)