2016 Project Reports

KDLG Final Report for 2016 Season - Prepared by Dave Bendinger of KDLG.  BBRSDA provided $20,000 in funding to KDLG in 2016 for expanded coverage of the fishery and other news broadcasting that benefits the fishermen of Bristol Bay as well as the region.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Avoiding a 2016 Cost Recovery Fishery - Report prepared by The McDowell Group

Fall 2016 Sockeye Market Report - The full report prepared by The McDowell Group.

Fall 2016 Sockeye Market Presentation - A good summation of the full report.  This was the presentation delivered to BBRSDA members by Andy Wink, Senior Seafood Analyst at The McDowell Group, at Pacific Marine Expo on November 18, 2016.

2015 BBRSDA Processor Survey - Prepared by Northern Economics, Inc., the annual processor survey gathers prior season information from Bristol Bay processors.  The 2015 survey captured raw product data, fleet information, current and expected ice production volumes, and respondents’ opinions of trends and priorities within the fishery. The 2015
survey also introduced a new set of questions to collect data on the quality of chilled product.  Note: surveys are conducted post-season, so the report comes out each spring of the following year.  The 2016 survey will be available in March 2017.

Spring 2016 Sockeye Market Report - Report prepared by the McDowell Group.

2016 BBRSDA Town Hall Meetings Final Report - This report summarizes the outcomes of BBRSDA's first ever series of town hall meetings.  These meetings were member driven and focused, took place in 8 different communities chosen for number of permit holder residents, and delivered information about current projects the BBRSDA is implementing and gathered feedback from members through informal discussion and written survey.

2016 Port Moller Test Fishery Daily Updates - Prepared by the BBSRI and made possible in part by funding from BBRSDA, the Port Moller Test Fishery (PMTF) is conducted each year to help processors, fishermen, and fishery managers assess the timing, composition, and abundance of sockeye salmon returning to commercial fishing districts in Bristol Bay.

2016 Port Moller Test Fishery Final Report - Prepared by the BBSRI.  BBRSDA provided $40,000 in funding to BBSRI to support the PMTF in 2016.